Shipping and return policies for Hammerdrone (Melodic Death Metal)

Shipping Info
We respect that by ordering any of our merch, you are supporting us in our quest to write and record our next album (it's not a cheap undertaking) - and we thank you very much for that!

Having said that, we're a band, not a logistics company, so don't expect next day delivery - we have day jobs, too! :-) However, we'll will do our best to scurry down to the nearest Canada Post within a week of you ordering an item, and will send them via standard ground-mail. Sadly, Canada Post are not typically very fast, so expect to wait a few weeks if you're from foreign lands!

Thanks again for your support - it is very much appreciated!
Return Policy
In the unlikely event that you order our merch and its damaged (i.e. a CD that doesn't play) please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to sort you out. We can't obviously return something just 'cause you changed your mind...